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Understanding VISION and IGNITE

From Ignite Docs

What is VISION?

The VISION Joint Innovation System is an AI-powered, secure ecosystem that makes collaborative innovation and radical transparency the standard across the DOD and other federal agencies. Built for the joint user, VISION creates a single source of truth by centralizing innovation data and using proprietary machine learning algorithms to make connections that allow ideas to transcend the walls of the bureaucracy and match with the right solutions, wherever they may be. Click here to learn more about VISION and how to sign up!

What is IGNITE?

IGNITE SBIR/STTR creates an intuitive, user-friendly environment for defense users and small businesses to connect, creating viable pathways for communication with interested users. 

IGNITE SBIR/STTR will be a key tool for businesses to continue to develop their portfolios and tailor their capabilities and investments for government customers. 

IGNITE SBIR/STTR will also be a key tool for government users looking for prevetted awardees with emerging technologies. 

So that leads us to our next question- Are you a small business who has won an Air Force SBIR/STTR award within the last 5 years? Are you a government or VISION user who is looking to connect with prevetted awardees with emerging technology? If you said yes to either of these questions then click this link to access IGNITE to connect to those small businesses or government customers.

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